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*Non Refundable*


Love seafood and fresh fish?

Do you find the preparation process a burden or daunting?

The Boathouse fisheries team are here to help.


Our fishmongers have been a wealth of  knowledge with over 40 years experience within the industry. It is safe to say they know their Pollock from Plaice.


The Boathouse fisheries filleting courses are run by our expert fishmongers, the course includes the following:

A guide to the appearance of fresh fish

Top safety lessons for the work space 

Learning the knife skills needed to prepare both flat & round fish

A demonstration showcasing advanced skills

Practical filleting 

Filleting a fish of your choosing

Learning the origin of a  variety of fish species.

We provide the use of protective overalls and safety equipment to everyone in attendance.


We do recommend you wear old shoes or preferably wellington boots. 


Course duration: approximately between 2-3 hours.

Fish Filleting Course

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